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Have you ever sat in a quiet room and listened to the ticking of a clock? Time passes, and you count the seconds as they are slipping away right from under your fingers.  
“滴答滴答滴答滴答滴答滴答”就像一个嘲讽. This persistent alert makes me worry about the nearing future; getting into university, 成为成年人, 独自生活, 还有高中毕业后生活抛给我们的各种可能性. 在时钟滴答作响的那几秒里, 我不知道该怎么想,怎么做, 我只想让时间停止. 问题是,我不能. I can’t freeze the moment and hope that the here and now is what is forever. 时间过得太快了,我跟不上了.

当然,我们都知道时间过得有多快. 童年模糊地来了又去. 但是,对我来说,那段童年时光是如此充实. 我用美好的回忆来回顾大多数的回忆. 和我的兄弟们在地下室玩游戏, 和我爸爸在后院堆雪堡, 和妈妈一起玩, sleepovers with friends and looking back on those times makes me miss being a kid. 当然, 也有一些不愉快的时刻, 这让我很难过,为年轻时的自己感到难过. 但, 当我回顾我的童年, those aren’t the events or experiences that vividly float to my mind. 都是好的.
Even when I look back on the past few years, the bad occurrences don’t shoot to my mind first. 都是好的, 比如和朋友一起看恐怖电影马拉松, 在春天每天晚上都玩扣球,  参加体育旅行,参加团队晚宴, 赢得比赛, watching the smiles on everyone’s faces while we sing our hearts out on the bus ride home. 深夜和室友谈论生活或做作业, 在学生中心打乒乓球或台球, 参加和观看级长对员工的体育比赛, 校园里整天都是酷热或倾盆大雨. Doing lights out, listening to the music and laughter come from rooms up and down every floor. 见证了我们许多人所拥有的天赋和能力, 从艺术和音乐到体育和学校. And when I recall these beautiful colourful memories I wish I could relive, I often get sad. I truly want to be able to freeze the moments and relive every second before it all slips away.

但正如我所说,我不能. 没人能, but a lesson I think is important for us to learn from this is that just because the good memories we have now are in the past, 但这并不意味着未来不能做得更多. 这适用于所有人, 不管你是回到斯坦斯特德还是离开, 你所留下的回忆将永远伴随着你, but more memories that are filled with happiness and joy can be made. 进一步为自己收集善良和幸福. 与陌生人交谈, 探索新领域, 尝试做一些你以前从未做过的事情, 当然,不是每个人的记忆都是完美的或最好的, 但这就是生活. The key is keeping yourself going so that despite the bad experiences, 你可以一直做出好的选择. 

I want to finish with a quote from the famous playwright Oscar Wilde, 谁曾经说过“记忆是我们随身携带的日记”.” So, 请, 记住,记忆当然可以被反映出来, 但我们也要不断地写作和创造它们, to fill our “diaries” with endless pleasure and fond memories to last us forever.